Little Maestros: Classical Concerts for Families

With Magdalene Minnaar (violin), Rosamund Ender (cello) and Esthea Kruger (piano)

Classical music is a brilliant developmental tool for children under the age of seven, boosting brain development and concentration. With this concert, aimed specifically at our younger listeners, we offer a relaxed environment where little ears learn through Mozart, Bach and other well-known classical songs. These immersive recitals are tailormade with kids in mind, and includes a lot of interaction and explanation, as well as participation and moving with the music! Well-known works including “Four Seasons” by Vivaldi and “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” by Mozart will be heard.

9 August 2024 • 15:30
10 August 2024 • 15:30
11 August 2024 • 14:30
(45 min)
Banqueting Hall
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9 August 2024 • 19:00

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