Music from the Silk Road for Cello and Piano

With Berthine van Schoor (cello) and Megan-Geoffrey Prins (piano)

Berthine van Schoor and Megan-Geoffrey Prince take the audience on an exotic and imaginary journey through several countries of the Ancient Silk Road: Rich in colour, texture, and style – like an intricately woven magic carpet, ending with a feisty and jazzy sonata by acclaimed Turkish pianist, Fazil Say. The Silk Road began in North-Central China. A caravan track stretched west along the Great Wall of China, across the Pamirs, through Afghanistan, and into the Levant and Anatolia. Some of the routes went through Persia, India and over the Caucasus mountains, with a length of approximately 6,400 km. Join the artists as they travel from China to Central Asia, India, Persia, Georgia, Armenia, and Turkey. The recital is followed by a free music discussion with the artists upstairs in the Banqueting Hall.

9 August 2024 • 09:30
(60 min)
R160 • R150 (Friends of the KKNK)
Included in the Klassique package
Civic Centre
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