Olyf tot olyfolie

PRESENTED BY Megan Stuurman from De Rustica

“You will never know what bad olive oil tastes like, until you have tasted a good one.”

De Rustica’s Estate Collection Coratina olive oil was named the world’s best olive oil in 2023 at the Evooleum competition in Spain. This tour and tasting offers a warm, friendly and educational experience where participants learn how olive oil is grown, harvested and produced. Whether you are a connoisseur of olive oil or not – this is a fantastic tour for anyone who wants to see more of the famous De Rustica Olive Estate. A short video provides insight into the history of the olive industry in South Africa, after which a professional and experienced tour guide accompanies the group to the olive grove and provides more information about the estate, the olive trees and different cultivars. Guests also visit the olive mill, which includes an informative tour to the Alfa Laval press. A unique olive oil tasting experience is something you won’t soon forget. Different styles of olive oil from different vintages and varieties are tasted. There is no better way to learn more about the secrets of olive oil than at De Rustica Olive Estate.

9 August 2024 • 11:00
9 August 2024 • 14:00
10 August 2024 • 11:00
(60 min)
De Rustica Olive Estate, Oudemuragie Road, De Rust (35 km outside of Oudtshoorn)
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